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please help plan train path for travel

Please help plan train path for travel

Good morning
I will be purchasing our jr pass (green pass) this month for our trip in October.
Can you please help me by telling me which stations and trains and times to book please?
I tried to look on line but was confused by the schedule.
1. We are traveling from Fukuoka to Nara Oct 21 and will stay there until Oct 24.
2. We would like to go to Kyoto/Arashiyama on the morning of Oct 23 and
3. Return to Nara in the evening after dinner if possible.
4. We would like to depart Nara the morning (after breakfast) of October 24 and travel to Hakone.
5. Finally we would like leave Hakone mid morning if possible to return to Fukuoka on Oct 26.

Also is there a jr train that travels from Fukuoka to Sasebo? If so would you also please share the information to get back and forth?
I hope this isn't too many requests!
Thank you very much.


Hi Cathy,

I recommend learning to Plan with Hyperdia, this way you can find any route and time table.

Here is some good information to know for each route.

1.) The Shinkansen station for Fukuoka is called Hakata. When searching Fukuoka in time tables, use the station name Hakata (otherwise you may end up somewhere completely different). There are direct bullet trains (Sakura Shinkansen) from Hakata to Shin-Osaka station. From Shin-Osaka, local trains run to Nara. Note that local trains don't have any reserved seating.

2.) From Nara, take a local train to Kyoto station. There are many services, at least every 15minutes. From Kyoto station you can catch an other local train to Saga-Arashiyama, from here you can walk to Arashiyama.

3.) Same as 2.) but in reserve.

4.) The Shinkansen station for Hakone is called Odawara. To get there from Nara, take a local train to Kyoto station. From there use the Hikari Shinkansen to Odawara station.

5.) From Hakone to Hakata (Fukuoka). Return to Odawara station, here you can get on the Shinkansen to Hakata. Note that there will likely be 1-2 transfers along the way at Nagoya and Shin-Osaka. This depends on what time you travel, don't worry about it though. When you book your tickets, just tell the JR Staff when and where you wish to travel. They will find the best route for you!

Hope you find this useful,

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PS: There are limited express trains (the Midori Express) directly from Hakata to Sasebo. Here is an example route.

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