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please help me find out the best way of using jr pass.

Please help me find out the best way of using Jr pass.

Hi there,

We plan going to Japan this June, and our details as below:

  • 2 June: arrive Tokyo
  • 2-4 June: have city tour and visit Fuji mountain.
  • 4-7 June: arrive to Yamagata to attend JCI ASPACT so we will walk form hotel to places in 4 days.
  • Early 8 -10 June: we go to Kyoto
  • 10 June: we go back to Tokyo
  • 11 June : departure.

So my question are:
- which Jr pass should we use because we will stay in Japan in 11 days? - The Jr pass can be used for any kinds of vehicle or just some? - is there any Jr pass have flexible day pass because we have 4 days in Yamagata we will not use Jr pass.

Tks and looking forward to your help.


Hello Mandy,

I would recommend a 7 day JR Pass for your travel. By using it from June 4th - June 10th you would cover all your important travel and make good savings while doing so. Just visiting Tokyo - Kyoto almost pays for the pass, with Yamagata added in, you're is a bargain.

In Tokyo you could just buy normal tickets for local travel, or use an IC card such as Suica./

Have a great trip!

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