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planning visit to japan in march13

planning visit to Japan in march13

Please advise me the best itinerary if we are staying in Osaka 4 nights from 22.03.2013, from where we think we could travel around and coming back each day, then we go to Tokyo for 3-4 days, then few days to Nagoya from where we depart on 01apr.2013, Thanks in addvance Iveta from Riga, Latvia


Hi there!

For an 11 day trip such as yours I think I would recommend something like the following as a base:

  1. Kansai airport > Osaka: ¥2600, (53mins, 57km)
  2. Osaka > Kyoto: ¥540, (29mins, 42km)
  3. Kyoto > Osaka: ¥540, (28mins, 42km)
  4. Osaka > Nara: ¥780, (59mins, 48km)
  5. Nara > Osaka: ¥780, (55mins, 48km)
  6. Osaka > Hiroshima: ¥10150, (104mins, 345km)
  7. Hiroshima > Tokyo: ¥18250, (292mins, 894km)
  8. Tokyo > Nikko: ¥5630, (121mins, 150km)
  9. Nikko > Tokyo: ¥5630, (117mins, 150km)
  10. Tokyo > Otsuki: ¥3060, (84mins, 87km)
  11. Otsuki > Nagoya: ¥12520, (211mins, 414km)
  12. Nagoya > Takayama: ¥6070, (150mins, 166km)
  13. Takayama > Nagoya: ¥6070, (145mins, 166km)

TOTAL: ¥72620 for 13 legs

  • 07 day rail pass (¥28,300) saving: ¥44320
  • 14 day rail pass (¥45,100) saving: ¥27520

This will allow you to see much of the very best of Japan and will give you great savings even with a 14 day rail pass. You could make even more savings by buying individual tickets when you arrive and activating your 7 day pass on your departure to Hiroshima to give you good JR coverage for all your long distance travel until you leave from Nagoya.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot for so fast answer! This is a very useful information, looks great!!!! Iveta


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