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peak season

Peak Season

We're travelling in Japan (Tokyo - Nagoya- Nagano - Kyoto - Osaka - Tokyo) from December 18 to January 3rd. We understand that this will likely be a very busy time on the train tracks. Any suggestions on how to avoid getting stranded or stuck, or should we be ok?


Hi there!

The key to beating the crowds is to make seat reservations 2-3 days beforehand. Most of the time this won't be needed but trains get to get very packed around the new years period 30dec - Jan 2. What I would recommend doing is getting your seat reserved on these days when you are in Japan. You can do so by going to any JR station and ask the staff to make the reservations for you.

If trains sell out you can still board them but you will have to stand. This is not very comfortable but you will never get stranded!

Hope this helps and good luck!

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