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passes for tokyo - hakone - nagoya - kyoto - osaka - hiroshima trip?

Passes for Tokyo - Hakone - Nagoya - Kyoto - Osaka - Hiroshima trip?


I am traveling to Japan for the first time this May-June and while I spend hours looking at transportation, I am more confused than ever! Since I am attending a friend's wedding in Kyoto, my itinerary is not very flexible and I am trying to see a lot of places. I don't plan on taking cheaper trains if they take a lot longer of travel time.

Could someone please look over my plan and see if I am missing any rail passes that would benefit me? So far I have been thinking of passes rail passes for each destination not listed in brackets and then purchasing city passes. I appreciate any recommendations! Thank you!

5/24/2015 Tokyo (Tokyo subway 1 day pass)
5/25/2015 Tokyo - Hakone (Hakone free pass 3 days)
5/26/2015 Hakone
5/27/2015 Hakone - Nagoya
5/28/2015 Nagoya - Kyoto
5/29/2015 Kyoto (Kyoto city pass)
5/30/2015 Kyoto - Nara
5/31/2015 Kyoto - Osaka
6/1/2015 Osaka (Osaka city pass)
6/2/2015 Osaka - Hiroshima
6/3/2015 Hiroshima
6/4/2015 Hiroshima - Tokyo (flight)
6/5/2015 Tokyo (Tokyo subway 3 day pass)
6/6/2015 Tokyo
6/7/2015 Tokyo
6/8/2015 Tokyo


It looks like given your time and plans, a JR Pass would not pay off. A pass for the Kansai area might save you a little though, depending on your plans. See:


Hello there,

A JR Pass would really have offered good value if you returned to Tokyo using the Shinkansen. By flying however it would not offer you any savings. So think buying normal tickets is the best way forward.

The local passes you found can also offer good value if you plan on visiting different places.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Toraneko and Daniel-san! I was leaning towards buying normal tickets but now I feel confident with this plan.

I appreciate your help!


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