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osaka/kyoto base 10 days - is it worth getting a jr pass?

Osaka/Kyoto base 10 days - is it worth getting a JR pass?

Hi, we are arriving at Osaka for a 10 day stay in Japan in November (to see the autumn colours) and there seems to be so much to see in the Kyoto area and around that we may base ourselves around there and not go much further. Is it worth getting a 7 day pass for travelling round Osaka/Kyoto/Narita/Himeji ?

My husband is keen to go to Dejima, but it seems a long way. Is it worth such a long journey? If we did go there, then I guess a 7 day pass would be worthwhile.

Thank you for any tips you can give - or must-see highlights in the Kyoto area.


Hi Sally,

Depending on how much travel you do, it may or may not be worth it to get a JR Pass.
Travel around Kansai (Osaka/Kyoto/Himeji) is not very expansive so you may be better of buying normal tickets. However if you make a return to Narita or make a visit to Nagasaki (well worth the time in my opinion), than a JR Pass would make for some very good savings.

When you visit Kyoto be sure to drop by Kiyomizu-dera and visit Fushimi Inari, I think that the autumn leaves will be here very beautiful as well. You can make a short hike up to Mount Daimonji.

Have a great trip!

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