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We are planning our 9-day trip to osaka_kobe_nara_kyoto. itinery as follows:

29/12 Kansai Airport -> Osaka

30/12 Osaka -> Kobe

31/12 Osaka -> Nara

1/1 Osaka

2/1 Osaka

3/1 Osaka -> Kyoto

4/1 to 6/1 Kyoto

7/1 Kyoto -> Kansai Airport (11:00 am flight)

My questions:
1. Does the above itinery make sense?
2. what is the most cost effective travelling card we should use. (note: I read from forum that there are Haruka-Icoca card as well as JR card for Kansai region travelling).

Your advices/ responses are much appreciated.

marsha O
marsha O

Hi there,

Your itinerary certainly makes sense and makes for a good Kansai Trip! I like the idea that you visit Kobe too, I've always felt its one of the best cities to visit in Japan.

As for what pass/card/travel method to use. I would say go for the Haruka + Icoca package with the return option to Kansai Airport. This will gives you a great deal on travel to and from the Airport and the Icoca card is great to travel around Kansai and valid with most transport companies.

You may also find the Osaka Unlimited pass useful if you plan on doing sightseeing in Osaka as it allows free access to many attractions, as well as free travel trough the city on the metro.

I hope this helps!

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