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osaka/hiroshima/takayama,16day trip,which railpass?

osaka/hiroshima/takayama,16day trip,which railpass?

Hello travellers!

I'd really appreciate some help as I have no idea how to pick/use the railpass. My itinerary is as follows and I need it to be as budget as possible :(


5th-7th: Osaka
7th- 13th: Hiroshima/ Okayama/Miyajima regiong
13th-16th: kyoto region
16th-20th: takayama region

need to catch a plane on the 20th back to Australia from osaka.

Can you anyone please advise me on which railpasses to get or do i even need it for certain parts of the trip?



Hi Marilia,

At ¥45,100, I think a 14 day JR Pass will going to be a bit touch and go with an itinerary like yours. Lets take a look at your costs:

  1. Osaka > Hiroshima: ¥10150, (108mins, 345km)
  2. Hiroshima > Okayama: ¥6060, (41mins, 161km)
  3. Okayama > Kyoto: ¥7530, (87mins, 219km)
  4. Kyoto > Takayama: ¥10220, (207mins, 253km)
  5. Takayama > Kansai airport: ¥11560, (292mins, 414km)

TOTAL: ¥45520 for 5 legs

As you can see, purely based on the itinerary you describe you'll only save ¥420 with a 14 day Rail Pass. Despite the small savings against your itinerary, I recommend you get the 14 day rail pass as any further JR travel will be totally free. If you decide to do more travel around Hiroshima or Kyushu at the start of your trip, travel to Nara from Kyoto, or fancy a stop over in Kanazawa towards the end of your journey, you'll have the flexibility to do so.

Hope this helps!

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