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Two of us will landed at Naritia to join a 6 days Canadian Tour package covering Japan Honshu(Kanto, Kansai) which include: Tokyo-Hakone-Mt Fuji-Nagoya-Kyota-Osaka. We will stay in Osaka from Apill 8 to April 10 (3 days) and plan to travel on April 11 by Shinkasen from Osaka to Tokyo (one way only) where we will spend another 4 days from April 11 to Apri 15. How much is the one way ticket from Osaka to Tokyo and what is the duration? Our flight will depart home on April 15 via Narita Airport. Is it worthwhile to purchase this 7 days JR pass . We believe we can use this pass to the airport. If we purchase this 7 days pass, how do we make good use of it by taking some city tours or recommended destinations but not changing hotels? We have the options to change our hotel stay in Osaka but not the Tokyo hotel. We will like to visit Yokohama if possible. Can we upgrade to the Green Class and how much is the extra? We have 2 pieces of 24" luggages (medium size) and a pc of 20" luggage. Is it convenient to store these luggaes in the train. We may have to take only 2 luggages instead. Thank you kindly


Hi there,

A one Osaka - Tokyo is ¥ 14,250 or ¥ 19,230 for Green Car. It's best to just buy a normal ticket here because you are only traveling one way. Local travel within Tokyo and to Narita Airport is not that pricey and even with that added in, you'll most likely stay below the price of a 7 day JR Pass. The pass would have been a great option if you used it for a return Tokyo - Osaka.

Yokohama is an easy visit from Tokyo and you could make a day trip at any time.

There is not a super large amount of space available for luggage, however bringing two suitcases should be no problem.

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