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Hi, we are arriving Osaka on the 5th april and staying there for till the 8th. and than we will travel to Kyoto for 2 nights.
currently the Kyoto hotels are fully booked and we might have to stay in Osaka and travel to Kyoto daily.(9th and 10th april)
after we will travel to Nagoya and stay there for 1 night before going to Tokyo for 5 nights (12th april to 16th april)
before our journey back from Haneda Tokyo airport.
Do you recommend we should get the 7 days Jr rail or the 14 days?
I am confuse as which one to get as this is our first time travel to Japan.
If I start using the Jr rail pass from the 8th april or the 9th april than it will valid to 15th april or 16th april. is that correct?
if it is than we can discover Osaka locally from 5th -7th april.
Please advise.

Thank you


Unfortunately for your one-way itinerary, neither pass would be cost effective.
You can easily check rail fares on: Although if you were to do a day trip to Hiroshima/Miyajima, or otherwise expand your itinerary, it would change the equation.

You might look at the various regional passes though on: There are some that you can definitely take advantage of.

Within Tokyo, you might look at a 3 day subway pass - it is fairly easy to recoup the costs if you are seeing a lot of places.

The pass is valid from the moment you choose to activate it (and that day, or portion left of it, counts as Day 1). A day starts and ends at midnight. So if you started using it from April 8th, you could use it until the end of April 14th.
Since you are going to spend considerable time in Tokyo, you can largely skip Osaka in the daytime. Use that time to see Kyoto, Nara, Himeji Castle, Hiroshima (if you like), plus perhaps other nearby sites like Kobe or Hikone Castle if you have time. Osaka is great at night though - go see Dotonbori for a good taste of Osaka culture and atmosphere:

The views from atop the Abeno Harukas & Umeda Sky Bldg are also spectacular:

For the Tokyo area, be sure to take a day trip and see Kamakura, Nikko or Hakone.


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