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osaka kobe shirahama kyoto tokyo

Osaka Kobe Shirahama Kyoto Tokyo

Hi, I'm thinking of buying a 7-day-JR pass for my trip on 31 March to 09 April (10 days) for total 5 persons.
My trip will be as follow and I wonder if JR pass cover all these.

  • Kansai Airport >> Osaka >> Kobe >> Osaka >> Shirahama >> Kyoto >> Osaka >> Tokyo (stay for 4 days in Tokyo) >> Narita Airport

Thank you


Hi there,

Most of your travel is within the Kansai Area, travel costs here are not high and generally the JR Pass is better used when traveling longer distances. Such as between Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo. So for this itinerary it would be better to buy normal tickets as you travel.

The JR Pass would have been a great option though if you make a return trip Kansai - Tokyo and does cover all of the above travel.

Hope this helps,

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Look into a regional pass like the JR West Rail Pass Kansai Area - it can save you some money.


Many thanks for your info and recommendation.
In this case,

Day 1: Kansai Airport >> Osaka >> Kobe >> Osaka
Day 2: Osaka (Universal Studio Japan)
Day 3: Osaka >> Shirahama
Day 4: Shirahama >> Kyoto
Day 5: Kyoto
Day 6: Kyoto >> Osaka
Day 7: Osaka >> Tokyo
Day 8: Tokyo
Day 9: Tokyo
Day 10: Tokyo

For Day 1 to Day 6, I would like to ask to buy
1) JR West Rail Kansai Area Pass OR
2) JR West Rail Kansai WIDE Area Pass OR
3) Normal tickets

Please kindly advice and help, thank you very much in advance. :)


Hi again!

The difference between normal tickets and a Kansai Area Pass (for Osaka - Shirahama) is pretty small. You could make small savings for using a Kansai Area Pass on day 3-4 but would recommend normal tickets for the rest :)

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Hi Daniel-san,
Good morning.
Thank you for your advice.
For Day 3: Osaka to Shirahama (it is about JPY 5270)
For Day 4: Shirahama to Kyoto (I assume more than JPY 5270)

Since the 5-day Kansai WIDE Area Pass is about JPY 8500, thus, is it more worth if I buy this 5-day Kansai WIDE Area Pass for Day 1-5 or Day 2-6 ?

Please kindly advice.
Many thanks. :)


Hi again!

You are completely right. Somehow I found that Osaka- Shirahama was only 2,000yen...

This way a Kansai WIDE Pass would indeed help you make savings.

Kansai Airport - Osaka is around 1,160yen and Osaka - Kyoto 560, so using it from day 1-5 would get the best value!

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