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osaka kansai/tokyo/mt fuji/osaka

Osaka Kansai/Tokyo/Mt Fuji/Osaka


I have never been to Japan, not sure if the above route is correct.

1) I will be alighting and leaving at Osaka airport for a total of 6 days 5 nights
2) Do you have a shorter train pass than 7 days?
3) I have saw a promotion at jr east pass, 15,000 yen for 3 days. Does this pass apply for above route?
4) by buying jr east pass, does it includes the metro fees in Tokyo too? For example stopping at Odaiba station.


Hi there,

The JR Pass covers the route from Kansai Aiport - Osaka and Osaka - Tokyo and the return of course :)
You can also travel most of the way to Fuji san but the last part is traveled on the Fujikyu line which is not covered by the JR Pass (1,100Yen). The best way to travel there is to take use to JR Pass to travel to Otsuki near Tokyo and take he Fujikyu line from there.

The JR East pass only allows for travel around and north of Tokyo, so it does not cover the way down to Osaka, which is the bigger part of your journey. Therefor I think the best option is to take the 7-day JR Pass (its the shortest available).

Both the JR Pass and JR East Pass allow of travel on local JR lines in Tokyo, other kinds of transport like the Metro unfortunately are not covered.

I hope this clears things up,

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