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osaka- narita vs hakone- narita which one easier with kids+ baggages?

Osaka- Narita vs Hakone- Narita which one easier with kids+ baggages?

I am travelling with two kids for the first time to Japan on 27th March.
my current itinerary is:
Day 1-5 Tokyo ( one day trip to Nikko)
Day 6 (activate JR pass) Hakone
Day 7-9 Kyoto ( one day trip Nara)
Day 10-11 Osaka
Day 12 taking train to Narita (flight at 10 pm)

I retrospect I should have done it the other way around, starting from Osaka and ending in Tokyo,
So I do not have to travel 3.5 hrs by train to Tokyo before our long flight back home. My Tokyo hotel
Reservations can't be changed but I can do
Tokyo- Kyoto - Osaka- Hakone

But again I think although distance wise Osaka is further away from Tokyo, but it's a simple straight trip
Rather than Hakone that we have to change couple of trains and buses with our baggages
Any help is greatly appreciated

If I wanna go from Hakone to Narita what is the most convenient route ( with baggage)


Hi Mariam,

Osaka - Narita Airport or Hakone - Narita Airport pretty much is the same route, although Hakone is a lot closer. The best way to travel to Narita Airport is to take the Shinkansen - either from Shin-Osaka station or Odawara station (Hakone) to Tokyo station, where you can board the Narita Express to Narita Airport. Both parts are pretty straight forward and only require one transfer. Of course it does depend on where exactly you are staying in Hakone or Osaka if additional local trains are required.

For Nikko, consider using this approach via Asakusa as it is the one the costs the least. Ideally you'd use the JR Pass for travel to Nikko with the Shinkansen but this is just too pricy when you buy normal tickets.

I hope this helps!

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