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osaka - tokushima - hiroshima - osaka

Osaka - Tokushima - Hiroshima - Osaka

We want to spend a night in Tokushima, going from Osaka (Nambu).

A family of five (2 children) will visit relatives near Tokushima, thus, going from Osaka to Tokushima on the bus leaving from Nambu. To make the short trip interesting, I'm thinking of using the JR pass in this order:
1: From Tokushima to Hiroshima in the morning; visit Hiroshima during the day; and then (2) return to Osaka the same day.

Is this possible using JR pass, and how long a ride is this?

Hi there,

If you're after a fun trip, you are in luck: the journey from Tokushima to Hiroshima is excellent (and totally possible with a Japan Rail Pass, but more on that later).

As Tokushima is on Shikoku, you'll travel over the Seto Ohashi bridge (the world's longest two-tiered bridge system) to get to Honshu. From Okayama you'll be able to travel on the Hikari Railstar or Sakura shinkansen bullet train to Hiroshima - exciting stuff. Here's a sample itinerary from Tokushima to Hiroshima and from Hiroshima to Osaka.

Here are the basic adult ticket prices of your trip:

  1. Tokushima > Hiroshima: ¥9250, (191mins, 307km)
  2. Hiroshima > Osaka: ¥10220, (109mins, 345km)

TOTAL: ¥19470 for 2 legs

(please note that if you are travelling with children under 6 they travel for free, and under 12 travel with 50% off).

As the ticket price of this trip is ¥19,470 and a 7 day rail pass comes to ¥28300, unless you intend to do more travel, I would advise you to purchase individual tickets for this trip.

Hope this helps!

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