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osaka - kyoto - tokyo

Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo

I will be travelling to Japan this 30 April to 8 May 2016. Planning to fly to Osaka first, spend a few days, then Kyoto a few days and then Tokyo. Will fly back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 8 May 2016.
Was thinking of buying JR pass to be save up on the train rides.

My questions are:
i. If I take JR pass, does it cover Osaka to Kyoto train ride? I saw that from Kyoto to Osaka, I can take the Hikari line which takes about 160 minutes.
ii. If I have JR pass, can I use it in the train in the city? (Osaka, Kyoto & Tokyo). Or JR pass only cover the intercity trains (like Osaka - Kyoto, Kyoto - Tokyo, etc)

Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Izzudin Ab Rahim
Izzudin Ab Rahim

Hi there,

The JR Pass works great with longer distance travel such as making a return Osaka - Tokyo, however you will only be traveling one way (Kyoto is just a stop on the route) and therefor it would be more economic to just buy normal tickets.

The JR Pass would cover all your travel between the above cities and on local JR lines as well.

Hope this helps

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