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ordinary seats vs first class

Ordinary seats Vs First class

I'm still debating between ordinary and first class passes. I think that besides the comfort of the Green Seats, the big advantage is that they might not be as crowded as the ordinary ones during the holidays; however...

  1. Do we always have to make reservations for Green Seats?

  2. How long in advance do we have make reservations during peak season days? Would it be enough time if we make the reservations early am for the late-pm return same day?

  3. Can we make reservations online for same day?

  4. If we miss a train that has our reservations, can we just take the ordinary train if we hold the 1st class 7day Pass?

Your answers are very helpful! So, thank you!!!


Hello Elsa,

Welcome back!

1 and 2.) Yes all Green Seats are by reservation only, reservations can be made up to 5 minutes before departure. It is recommend to do so 2-3 days in advance for busy travel periods.

3.) Tickets can be reserved at any JR Station or ticket office, this is unfortunately not possible to do so online.

4.) Yes you may always use a non-reseved seat. In most cases the JR Staff will simply book tickets for you on the next train.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you! Your answers are very helpful!


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