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Hi there, I read somewhere that the JR Pass cannot be used on Nozomi trains, so is it correct to say that my JR pass cannot be used to take the SHINKANSEN NOZOMI 245 train to Shin-Osaka?

And if i cant use the pass for Nozmi trains, what other options are there? How do i know if my JR pass is valid for the train that im taking?

Sorry it's my first time going there and im a little confused with the trains and all. Thank you so much in advanced for your kind help!


Hi there,

The Nozomi train is indeed not included in the JR Pass. You can however use the Hikari/Kodama or Sakura Shinkansen instead. These travel the same route but include more stops on the way.

I recommend making Seat Reservations in advance, this way the JR Staff will always seat you right and there is no worry about getting on the Nozomi by accident.

Hope this helps,

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