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non delivery of the jr pass at the tokyo address given,

Non delivery of the JR pass at the Tokyo address given,


We ordered the JR pass for delivery at a Tokyo address on 6th April. My family is travelling from India tomorrow night, but the pass has still not been delivered. Also neither has the Fedex tracking number been provided so far.

The order number is #340848.

What is the solution, in case the JR pass is not received?




Good news.. The Fedex number was received today and so was the shipment. Thanks..I only wish that the Fedex tracking number is sent in time, as number of people seem to get it late.


Hi Abnash,

Glad to hear you received your pass and tracking number in good order.

Normally the tracking number is provided the moment that the pass leaves our office. I'll make sure this is looked into.

Thank you for the feedback!

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