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need advise which rail pass for 10 days trip in osaka kyoto tokyo

Need advise which rail pass for 10 days trip in osaka kyoto tokyo

Dear JR Pass Expert,

Need your kind advise whice pass i should buy, instead 7days JR PASS for my 10 days trip in japan.
And FYI, a friend of mine already bought 14 days JR PASS.
It's very important i can travelling withher in the same train.

Please correct or advise me:
a. ICOCA +HARUCA 3030 yen
(For 26 march : kansai airport to namba hotel?)

b. 3 days Kansai thru pass/ surroto Kansai pass 5200 yen or

 5 days unlimited kintetsu rail pass : 3700 yen. 
 (for 27,28,29 march in osaka kyoto area)

d. 7 days JR PASS ( because i will go to tokyo around 1 april or 2 april from kyoto)
( for 30,31march,1,2,3,4,5 april from kyoto-tokyo-narita airport)

Here is our schedule :
26-Mar 8:25 AM kansai international airport & Namba osaka hotel
27-Mar Tennoji osaka hotel
28-Mar Tennoji osaka hotel
29-Mar Kyoto hotel
30-Mar Kyoto hotel
31-Mar trekking ( takashima trail/mount koya)
1-Apr trekking ( takashima trail/mount koya)
2-Apr AsakusaTokyo hotel
3-Apr Asakusa Tokyo hotel
4-Apr Asakusa Tokyo hotel
5-Apr Narita international airport. (Depart 9:45Am)



Hello Liv,

Most of your itinerary looks good, there are some points that need a bit of revision though.

For your arrival, I think you'd be better off buying normal tickets for travel to namba and buy an ICOCA card seperately. As a one way ticket using the JR is just ¥ 1,060yen. The ICOCA + Haruka is also a pretty good package if you will use the Haruka Express for part of the journey but it does cost more.

Then going on to the Kintetsu pass, Kintetsu is a different company from JR and the JR Pass is not valid for Kintetsu lines. This means that your friend would have to buy a Kintetsu pass as well. It's better to just purchase normal tickets if you travel locally in Osaka and travel to Kyoto. An ICOCA card can be very useful here to make travel more convenient.

As for the JR Pass, I would also recommend buying normal tickets to Tokyo as well. A 7 day JR Pass is very useful if you make a return Tokyo/Osaka but does not pay off for just one way.

Hope this helps,

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