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need advise

Need advise

Hi, I'll be flying with some friends to Tokyo Narita on May 17. One of my friends will be attending a congress in Tokyo and we will be able to start our tour "out "of Tokyo on May 22.
We would like to visit Hakone, Kyoto and maybe continue to Takayama and Shirakawago.
We need to go back toTokyo to fly out to Italy on May 29.
We were considering to visit also Nikko, but maybe during our stay in Tokyo.
Is it worth to buy JRP and if so, a 7 or 14 days one?
Any advise is appreciated. ciao e grazie



A 14 day pass makes no sense. You could though cover the costs of a 7 day pass if you take a day trip to Nikko. But if you use a 7 day pass from May 22 the last day to use it would be May 28. To save money, to go from/to Narita, you might look at a cheap 1000 yen bus:

Also around Hakone the transport is not covered by the JR Pass, but there are other passes you can use:

Near Kyoto, be sure not to miss Nara - it is worth at least half a day. After you see the temples/shrines, which close around 5PM, you can also go see Osaka in the evening, which is when the city becomes alive. Dotonbori is a great place, and the night views from the Umeda Sky Bldg and Abeno Harukas are tremendous:

Also Himeji Castle is Japan's finest and will have it's multi-year renovation finished in just a few weeks.

And you can get a good 3 day Tokyo subway pass also:

But you could use the JR Pass if it is still active on the JR Yamanote Line in Tokyo, which goes to many popular tourist areas. You can do more research on what you want to see and do on:

Comprehensive info:

For Tokyo, look through these sites:

For Kyoto:

For Nara:

For Himeji:

Tokyo subways:

Kyoto subway:


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