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need advice on jr pass and jr west kansai pass and haruka + icoca

Need advice on JR pass and JR west kansai pass and haruka + ICOCA

Hi there, my itinerary is as below: Would like some advice on what pass should i get and do i order all online before flying.
Day1 -  Arrive Osaka Kansai Airport, Osaka to Kobe. Stay kobe
Day 2 - visit kitano, harbourland. Stay kobe
Day 3 - kobe to miyajima stay miyajima
Day 4- miyajjma to hiroshima stay hiroshima
Day 5 hiroshima to osaka stay osaka
Day 6 - osaka to takayama stay takayama - preserved street
Day 7 - stay takayama - shirakawago
Day 8 - takayama to kyoto stay kyoto - kiyomizudera , higashiyama , gion
Day 9 - stay kyoto- arashuma, bamboo groves , scenic train, kinakuji
Day 10 - stay kyoto - nijio, fushimari
Day 11 - kyoto to osaka kansai airport. Fly home.

Thankyou very much



Hi Cherry,

I recommend the 7 day JR Pass for your itinerary and use it for travel to Hiroshima/Miyajima and Takayama. You can make amazing savings over normal tickets this way. Also there is no other pass that covers travel to Takayama and Hiroshima (not sure what JR West pass you were looking at?). Also, I don't think that a Haruka + Icoca package is good if you travel to Kobe, instead I would use the High Speed Ferry, which is a lot faster than rail travel from Kansai Airport to Kobe.

Then just buy normal tickets for the last couple of days in Kyoto, you can purchase a 500yen bus ticket locally for unlimited travel on kyoto buses for 1 day. It is a very good deal, as a one way ride is 230yen.

Hope this helps,

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