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national jr pass or regional jr pass from narita to kyoto

National JR pass or regional JR pass from Narita to Kyoto

I am trying to decide what JR pass I need to buy. We will travel from Tokyo Narita airport to Kyoto by Shinkansen and then next day take Shinkansen back to Tokyo. Do we have to buy National JR pass or can we just buy a regional kind of JR pass? Another question is if a National JR pass or possibly a regional JR pass can be used for the transportation from Narita airport to Shinkansen station in Tokyo? Thanks!


You never "have to buy" a pass - the question is if it will save you money over regular tickets.
There is no regional pass between Tokyo and Kyoto. The 7 day Pass would pay off with a round trip from Tokyo to Kyoto, and if you take the Narita Express from Narita into Tokyo. You can of course increase your savings from the pass by traveling to other places within the validity as well - a day trip to Nikko, Himeji, Hiroshima, etc are all possible and worthwhile places to visit.

Good luck.


Hi there,

It is hard to know for sure without knowing your full itinerary. However you can make nice savings it you'd use a 7 day JR Pass to travel from Narita Airport - Kyoto and back to Tokyo or Narita airport. There's no regional pass that covers this route.

The route from Narita Airport - Kyoto is as follows: take the Narita Express to Tokyo station, from there you can use the bullet train directly to Kyoto station. All together this takes about 4 hours.

Hope this helps!

PS: I also love the idea of making a day trip somewhere, as mentioned by Toraneko!

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