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nartia airport terminal 2 to mizonokuchi station

Nartia Airport Terminal 2 to Mizonokuchi Station

Hi there,

I am traveling to Japan Early 2014. I will be traveling with my wife and a 2 year old child.

Could you please tell me, if NEX & Suica if purchased would be able to cover my travel upon Mizonokuchi station.
I dont want to get out of the train station and walk to a different station to get the train upto Mizonokuchi as it will be about 8-9 PM when i shall board a train.

The route i have decided to reach Mizonokuchi is.........NARITA EXPRESS to SHIBUYA........To mizonokuchi....! I guest i don't have to change stations but i have to change the train at SHIBUYA this correct?

And also, would NEX card cover my travel upto Mizonokuchi station, if i don't come out of the station until i reach MIzonokuchi........!

Many thanks,


Can anyone shed some light on this please.....! I must travel from Narita International Airport to Mizonokuchi station (kawasaki province). My flight lands at about 7:30 PM and by the time i shall board the train it will be 9 PM. I will have a child with me nearly 2 year old.....! What is the best route to get to Mizonokuchi station from Narita International Airport station?

Can i take Narita express to Shibuya and change the train from Shibuya heading to Mizonokuchi, as i found the direct train from Shibuya only.

Would NEX card that i will purchase cover me for this trip upto Mizonokuchi..? Please help.....!


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