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narita, tokyo, kyoto, osaka, then return to narita

Narita, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, then return to Narita

I cannot find a train schedule that makes any kind of sense in English....there are no timetables that I can find or see anywhere....the information relates things like 002....this makes no sense to me...

I need to know HOW LONG will it take to get from Osaka train station to the Narita Airport....I have flight at 7:00 pm out of Narita and plan to leave Osaka in the morning.....How many hours on the train will it take?

margaret from Boynton Beach, FL
margaret from Boynton Beach, FL

Margaret: Having same problem--want to from Osaka to Tokyo (do not know where to get off so I can hotel) and then how to get to Narita from the Tokyo stop

I think its about 3 hrs.taking the bullet train from Osaka..?? Its 2 hrs 18 minutes from Osaka to Tokyo.

We are arriving via ship in Osaka and will stay a day and a half. Then on to Tokyo on an evening train ----good luck --if get anything please post Thanks, Frank - SF,CA


Hi Margaret,

Have you used it's a great recourse for finding time tables and other route information. We have a Blog Post as well to explain the details.

Here is an example itinerary for you from Osaka to Narita Airport, it takes about 274 Minutes of travel.

I hope this helps!

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