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narita to tokyo to osaka

narita to tokyo to osaka

good day,

We will be arriving in Narita on Sept 24 at 10 pm and we are planning to go to Osaka and Kyoto the following day using our 7 day jr pass. Can you give us best option what stations can we possibly exchange our JR Pass voucher. May I know what are the possible JR train lines we will be taken and how long will it takes from Narita to Osaka?

Second, is there a JR line from Osaka to Kyoto?




Hello Manny,

Arriving at 10 pm is really late and there may no longer be (good) train connection at that hour from Nairta Airport to Kyoto. There are a couple of bus options that may be better suited:

You can then exchange the JR Pass at Tokyo station the following day and start using it from there. The JR Pass covers travel to Narita Airport and Osaka and Kyoto. As well as between Kyoto and Osaka, you can even use the bullet train if you like.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks so much Daniel I really appreciate your prompt reply.


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