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narita to osaka

Narita to Osaka


I will be arriving in Narita at 3 pm local time on 4 may 2016 and will be travelling using a JR pass to Kyoto. Will i have an issue to get the reserved seats that same day? I'm a bit worried due to golden week.

On the 5th May, i will be travelling From Osaka to Hiroshima returned. Just want to check whether the atomic bombing sites are open for public that day?



Hi there,

It may indeed be rather busy due to golden week, however there's nothing to be done about it.

Worst case is that reserved seats are sold out and that you may have to queue for a non-reserved seat at Tokyo station.

I do also advise reserving seats when you arrive at Narita Airport for Osaka and Hiroshima, as the 5th of may and following weekend will be extremely busy.

All major tourist spots are open during this period in Hiroshima.

Hope this helps,

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Thx Daniel san


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