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narita to hokkaido

Narita to Hokkaido

I am arriving into Tokyo Narita in December, I intend to go to Hokaido by train. Please advise the following questions:
1) How much is a two-way return Shinkansen ticket between Narita and Hakodate ? How long is the distance and the time for travel?
2) Is there a lower price for children ?
3) What is the frequency of this train service? Is there a train in the morning ?
4) Is there a ski resort at Hakodate? What other places we can see at Hakodate ?
5) Can I use JR Pass if I take train within Hokkaido (to other cities such as Lake Toya, Otaru, Asahikawa etc )
6) Using the JR Pass, do I still need to book the train ? Or I simply show the pass to JR train staff ?
7) Upon returning to Tokyo city (of course using this JR Pass), can I use this this JR Pass within Tokyo ?
8) I've heard there are other benefits with JR Pass, can you tell me what other benefits? Are there any food vouchers I can buy ?

Thank you


Many of your questions can be answered by looking at Hyperdia.
Fares and passes for children 6-11 are typically half the adult cost. There are not many ski resorts very close to Hakodate, to my knowledge. The Onuma Quasi-National Park is one. Further away, Niseko is very popular though. For tourist sightseeing, see their webpage. The JR Pass is valid on all JR routes, so you can take it if it is run by JR, which is nearly all of them. For the Hayabusa train, you should book seats. Otherwise, not very needed, unless you are traveling in a peak season, like the end of December. You can still use the JR pass in Tokyo if it is valid on the JR Yamanote line. It goes to many popular tourist areas. Not all of course, but it can still save you some money.
When I used the pass, I could get some small discounts at certain hotels, but I found cheaper and perfectly satisfactory places on my own.

Best of luck.


Hi ,

I am planning to take Shinkansen or Bullet Train from Narita Airport to Hokkaido (Hakodate). I saw from the JR Map that there is a Hakodate station, however I cannot find any Hakodate station when I tried searching for the train departure time on Hyperdia, it keeps showing me different routes which include a flight. We are not taking airplane to Chitose Airport or to Hakodate Airport, and then take the train to Hakodate.

Please send me the schedule (By Train ONLY) for the route --- from Narita to Hakodate.


It shows airplane routes because the typical method of travel for such a long distance would be to fly. But if you wish to take the train, in Hypedia click on "More Options" and uncheck "airplane" - then the results will be limited to trains.


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