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narita to asakusa

Narita to Asakusa

Thank you, Daniel-san for all your previous help.

We need to go to Asakusa (Richmond Premier Asakusa Hotel in Taito Ward) from Narita on this coming Monday after a 4:00 PM (16:00) arrival at the airport. We do not want to change trains--too difficult after a very long trip. Access Express has trains to Asakusa, but they do not run after 3:00 (15:00) if I am reading the schedule properly. There are trains to Ueno Station on Access Express, but then we would need a taxi to go to the hotel. Do you know the approximate cost of the taxi from Ueno Station to the hotel? Is this easy to do?

Other option is Keisei Main Line (Limited express) departing at 18:05 direct to Aoto direct to Oshiage direct to Asakusa (Tobu, Toel,Tokyometro). I am not sure if there is a change of trains as I am not sure what direct means in this case. Nor do I know if this is a station near the hotel. When I google maps, what do I write in for the station near the hotel?
I am confused about station designations --Are there different Asakusa stations? Is this station close to the Richmond Premier Asakusa Hotel?

I thought the train might be quicker in rush hour than going by the bus limousine--and also less expensive. There is some kind of shuttle bus limousine and it has a stop at Asakusa View Hotel, but it seems to stop running before we may be able to board it. Can you verify this?

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I think a taxi directly to the hotel from the airport might be too expensive.

We will have two 51 centimeter (carry on size) suitcases with us.


Hello there,

You can use the Tokyo Metro from Ueno to Asakusa. However a taxi should be a good option too, I don't think it would cost more than 2,000yen from Ueno station.

Asaku station houses both the Tokyo Metro line and the Tobu lines. You can use the Tobu lines here via Aoto. However these trains are not very comfortable and will be busy. My recommendation would to take the NEX to UENO and from there use the metro or a taxi. Don't take a taxi from Narita Airport, it can easily cost over 20.000yen!

Hope this helps,

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