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narita sky access line (jr?) to asakusa line (toei subway ~ not jr)

Narita Sky Access Line (JR?) to Asakusa Line (Toei subway ~ Not JR)

My research seems to indicate that I can use the Rail Pass from Narita AIrport to ride the Narita Sky Access Line, which at Oshiage (Sky Tree) "morphs" & continues on as the Asakusa Line (Toei subway). It looks like I can stay onboard and continue to Asakusa (my destination). Is this correct?
Since the Asakusa Line (Toei subway) is NOT part of the JR, can I simply use a SUICA card to pay when I exit Asakusa subway station, or do I need to actually buy a ticket at Narita Airport?
My plane arrives in Narita in the late afternoon, so I anticipate traveling with my suitcases during rush hour, so I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible.
~ Ninjakat


Hi there,

I looked in this for you. It turns out that the Narita Sky Access Line is part if the Keisei line. Meaning you won't be able to access Asakusa this way with the JR Pass.

I would recommend taking the Narita Express to Tokyo station then go on to Ueno by the Yamanote line. In Ueno you can take the Ginza line to Asakusa that is run by Tokyo Metro.

Hope this helps,

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