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narita airport to tokyo to kyoto

Narita Airport to Tokyo to Kyoto

Can anyone tell me which is the most convenient (cheapest) Ticket (Pass) to buy for a 3 nights stay in Japan.

Here is what i planned:

I'll be landing at Narita Airport on 3rd Oct @ 10:30 am from their i'll have to go to Shinjuku where i have booked a Hotel. I planned to hang around in tokyo on 3rd oct afternoon/evening. -on 4th Oct i would like to go to visit Kyoto (whole day) and return to Shinjuku. Here i would like to take the shinkansen to save time. I heard it's 2h40mins from Shinagawa. -on 5th oct I'll visit Tokyo a bit On 6th oct morning i have to leave the hotel.

Thank you all in advance,


Hi Vik,

This may sounds strange at first because you'll be in Japan for 3 nights but recommend using the 7 day JR Pass. The price of the JR Pass is about the same as a normal return ticket Tokyo - Kyoto using the Shinkansen. For there any additional travel will go towards you savings. Just adding a return Tokyo - Narita Airport will help you make good savings.

With the JR Pass, you can use the Hikari Shinkansen from Shinagawa/Tokyo stations to Kyoto, use the Narita Express between Tokyo - Narita Airport and travel on local JR lines in Tokyo, such as between Shinagawa and Shinjuku.

Hope this helps!

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