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narita airport to hanoke to tokyo to narita airport

Narita Airport to Hanoke to Tokyo to Narita Airport


We are travelling to Japan (5D4N), sightseeing at Hanoke and stay overnight for 2 nights and then Tokyo (Shinjuku, Nishi Gotanda, Tama - theme park) for another 2 nights.

Shall we buy the JR Pass ? If yes, to buy one for how many days ?

Here is the travelling plan

1/. to use from Day 1 upon arrival at Narita Airport, for travelling to Hanoke direct.
2/. use Hanoke Tour Pass from Day 1 to Day 3.
3/. upon departure from Hanoke to Tokyo, use JR Pass on Day 3
4/. to use JR Pass for the rest of the trip on Day 4 and Day 5 to go to the various districts/places as mentioned
5/. finally to use JR Pass upon check-out from hotel at Shinjuku to travel to Narita Airport on Day 5.

Thanks very much in advance !!!


Hello there,

With Hanoke, do you mean Hakone? I think that makes most sense given the name.

If you do mean Hakone, then I would buy a Hakone Free Pass for travel within Hakone and to Tokyo.

Within Tokyo you could look at buying metro day passes or a day pass for the local JR Network.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks !!

Yes, I meant Hakone !!


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