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nagoya to toyama

Nagoya to Toyama

Can I use the JR Pass to travel from Nagoya to Toyama?

I looked up the route on Hyperdia and it had:

- SHINKANSEN HIKARI 515 from Nagoya to Maibara
- LTD. EXP SHIRASAGI 57 from Maibara to Kanazawa
- JR Hokuriku Line from Kanazawa to Toyama

But it also had this footnote; "The search results below may contain some routes not suitable for Japan Rail Pass. Please make inquiries to railroad companies or travel agencies regarding actual fares, actual seat-fees and whether you are able to use Japan Rail Pass or not."


Hi there,

That footnote is always there, for any route you may look up using Hyperdia.

I can confirm that the route you planned is completely covered by the JR Pass and you don't need any additional tickets.
We also have a great interactive map to help you find out all lines covered.

Hope this helps!

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