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nagoya to kamikochi to kanazawa to nagoya 12 days

Nagoya to Kamikochi to Kanazawa to Nagoya 12 days

How to make the best economical use of JR pass for my 12 days travel?
Day 1 - Chubu Centrair airport to Kamikochi (Nagoya to Matsumoto by rail) Use of JR Pass
travel between Chubu Centrair Airport and Nagoya station is not covered by the JR Pass.
Day 2-5 Kamikochi to Takayama to Shirawakago to Kanazawa all be done with Nohl Bus. Best way???
Day 6 to 10 Kanazawa Possibly two day trips out of city
Day 11 to 12 Kanazawa back to Nagoya Use of JR Pass

It seems that it is not so economical to get a JR pass because my only long distance is from Nagoya airport to Matsumoto and from Kanazawa to Nagoya.
Is there any pass I can buy to combine with Nohl Bus?
Or I should shuffle my itinerary to better make use of the JR Pass? I am flying from Nagoya airport.
Please advise.
Thank you!


Hi there,

For your itinerary it is indeed advisable to stick to normal tickets. This because part of the way is traveled by non JR bus and all together tickets don't add up enough to a point where you could make savings with the JR Pass.

You can use the Nohi bus between Matsumoto - Takayam - Shirakawago and Kanazawa.

There's no pass that covers all the places you plan to visit, so sticking to normal tickets is what I'd advise.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you so much Daniel-san for your quick reply! I will miss using the JR pass this time round then,
Have a good day!


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