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nagoya, takayama, osaka, kyoto hiroshima, karuizawa, tokyo - 7 or 14 day pass?

Nagoya, Takayama, Osaka, Kyoto Hiroshima, Karuizawa, Tokyo - 7 or 14 day pass?

Hi. My itinerary as follows:

Day 1 : Arrive Nagoya
Day 2 : Toyota Plant tour & Korankei Autumn Leaves
Day 3 : Nagoya-Takayama-Nagoya
Day 4: Nagoya-Osaka
Day 5: Osaka-Kyota-Osaka
Day 6 : Osaka-Hiroshima-Osaka
Day 7 : Universal Studios Osaka
Day 8: Osaka
Day 9: Osaka-Karuizawa
Day 10: Karuizawa
Day 11: Karuizawa-Tokyo
Day 12: Tokyo
Day 13: Tokyo-Yokohama-Tokyo
Day 14: Tokyo (may be Nikko)
Day 15: Tokyo
Day 16: Depart Tokyo

Should I buy a 7-day JR pass to cover Day 3 to Day 9 and pay single trips fare for the rest of the trips (I will skip Nikko if I do this)?

Or, should I buy a 14-day JR pass to cover Day 3 to Day 15 (I will include Nikko if I do this)?

Thank you.

Newton Yang
Newton Yang

Hi there,

You could either go for a 7 or 14 day JR Pass. There's so much travel in this itinerary that you will make great savings in any event. So the question comes down to flexibility versus budget.

With the 14 day JR Pass you can go and travel whenever you want and also include the visit to Nikko. While you may spend a bit less with the 7 day JR Pass.

I guess it comes down to your own preference and budget here.

Enjoy Japan!

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