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nagoya and trips

Nagoya and trips

Hi We're travelling to Nagoya from 5th to 21st August and have been recommended to buy the 7 day Japan Rail Pass for the middle week of our visit i.e. to visit mainly Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo and Mount Fuji with some local shorter trips to the coast etc . Is it worthwhile buying the pass or individual tickets?


Hi there,

I would certainly recommend a 7 day JR Pass, by visiting Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo you would make great use of the pass. In addition you would just need one ticket for all your travel, making it very easy to get around.

For mount Fuji you may need additional tickets, depending on where around the mountain you wish to visit. However you would still make good savings with the JR Pass, even if you don't visit it.

Hope this helps!

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