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I will be traveling to Japan on business but my family will come along for personal trip. We fly into Narita airport and will catch bullet train to Nagano on a Monday. We will be in Nagano thru Friday when we head back to Tokyo. Tokyo stay thru Sunday then move to Disney Area.

Will a JR pass be best option for our time and what good 1/2 day or day trips can be take from Nagano and Tokyo. Since I can not sightsee during time in Nagano, would it be best if I got individual tickets while family got multi day JR pass?

Sep 21: Arrive Narita Airport head to Nagano via Bullett Train
Sep 22: Nagano: while I work Husband and Daughter will sightsee
Sep 23: Nagano: while I work Husband and Daughter will sightsee
Sep 24: Nagano: while I work Husband and Daughter will sightsee
Sep 25: Travel from Nagano to Tokyo (Shinagawa station area) then sightsee for day (all of us)
Sep 26: Sightsee in and around Tokyo (all of us together)
Sep 27: Leave Tokyo for Disney (all of us together) I assume for research JR pass to Miahama station then on own for travel to hotel. DOes JR go to Bayside Station (as this is closer to our Hotel)
Sep 28- Sep 30: Will spend most time in Disney but open to some touring
Oct 1: return to Narita airport: What is best pick up location for JR Pass


Hello there,

Traveling from Tokyo - Nagano - Tokyo alone would not add up enough in travel costs for you to make savings with a JR Pass. The price for a one way ticket is about 8,000yen, then add the Narita Express which is 3,000 and an other 8,000for the return to Tokyo. The 7 day JR Pass is 29,1000. So I think you''ll be best of just purchasing normal tickets.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the information. Do you have any good suggestions for sights or day trips in and around Nagano that my husband and daughter could enjoy while I am working. They have expressed interest in: Matsumoto Castle, Olympic village area, Zenkoji temple, Togakure Ninja School, Karuizawa, and Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park. But are open to suggestions and recommendations from an expert.

What about tours in an around Tokyo, we have most of Friday and all day Saturday and want to maximize our experience in the region before moving to the Disney side on Sunday.

If they utilize any of your tour tips, would the JR pass then be beneficial to them?


Hi again!

Well a JR Pass certainly looks like a much better buy if you where to include day trips to Matsumoto, Karuizawa and other places reached by JR. You can also take the train at any time, so making a day trip to Tokyo or somewhere else is really easy.

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