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nagano snow pass vs jr pass

Nagano snow pass vs Jr pass

Hi there,
I was planning to use my Jr pass while traveling from niigata to nozawa onsen to monkey park,zenkoji temple and finally to Hakuba. I have already purchased a 14day Jr pass, and now stumble upon Nagano snow pass. I understand that there might be private busses/train to the monkey park but surely I can just go with Jr pass and pay a little more to get on the private busses/train instead of getting a Nagano pass right?

Nagano pass is 2500(1day),4500(2days),6000¥(3days). The pass pays for:
1. Hakuba- Nagano line
2.nozawa line
3.shigakogen line
4.Nagano dentetsu Nagano line
5.kanbayashi line okushiga kogen line kumanoyu suzukirawa line to kanbayashi onsen

I guess my question is which line above is not covered by JR, and will it costs a lot of travel?
Thank you


Hello Pei,

It took a little time researching and here's what I found out:

The Nagano covers bus travel and the Nagano dentetsu line in the area. While the JR Pass is used for the JR lines.

Both Nagano, Hakyba and Nozawa can be reached with the JR as well, so buying the pass here would not make a lot of sense.

You could consider a 1 day Nagano pass for travel to the Snow Monkey park as travel from Nagano - Yudanaka and the bus from there are not covered by the JR Pass. This trip costs around 1,400yen for one way, so you could make small savings with a 1 day Ngano pass.

Hope this helps,

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Hey Daniel,

Thank you! That helps heaps :)


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