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my friend and i travelling to tokyo from different cities arriving same time

my friend and i travelling to tokyo from different cities arriving same time

My friend intends to travel to Tokyo from Hiroshima. I will be in Osaka that day but would like to travel with him on the train back to Tokyo. We will both have rail passes - is it possible to ensure we sit next to each other from Osaka? We both arrive in Japan at different times so we aren't able to make reservations together. Is he able to make a reservation for me (without me showing my JR pass) , and then message me what car and seat is booked?
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Hi there,

Both JR Pass would have to be shown when reserving seats. Otherwise someone could just walk in and reserve the whole train without having to pay.

That said, once your friend makes his reservation he can just e-mail/message you his seat number and you can book the seat besides him on the Shinkansen at any JR station.

It requires a little coordination but it will be possible to travel together.

Also note that their is a transfer at Shin-Osaka going to Hiroshima using the JR Pass. You could also just meet there and then book tickets together.

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