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my first trip to japan in jun

My first trip to Japan in Jun

Here my schedule:
Day 1 - arrive Tokyo, go around the city at night.
Day 2 - city tour, shopping
Day 3 - city tour. Check out the hotel and depart for Kumamoto
Day 4 - Nagasaki
Day 5 - Fukuoka
Day 6 -
Day 7 - Kagoshima
Day 8 - Kumamoto
Day 9 - Fukuoka, fly home
Do you think a 7-day JR pass is the best choice? Does it cover all these places? I have to pay extra for 2 days, so which days?
Could you suggest some interesting places to visit and hotels convenient for that travelling?
Looking forward to your suggestions. Thank you.


A 7 day pass used in days 3-9 would do very well. Yes, it covers all the places you mention. Local travel around Tokyo is not expensive. For Kumamoto, don't miss the castle and Suizenji Park, and for Kagoshima, be sure to see Sakurajima. For Fukuoka, there are many open parks, shopping, seaside historical areas, and urban neon. See this site as a good guide, and don't miss the Nanzoin Temple which is gorgeous. Nagasaki is perhaps the most interesting city of all though - be sure to try eating the chanpon and saraudon.


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