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my final itinerary

My final Itinerary

Can you help to see if my 7 day JR pass is effective for this itinerary, using the shinkansen as much as possible?

-- Arrive at Osaka Kansai Airport in night. Stay 1 night at airport hotel. 1. Proceed to Nagoya (KIX Haruka to ShinOsaka to Nagoya)
2. Stay in Nagoya 2 nights (Use Meguru Day pass)
3. Proceed to Takayama 2 nights (Nagoya to Takayama via the Hida Wide View Train)
4. Back to Nagoya 1 night (Takayama to Nagoya via the Hida Wide View Train)
5. Proceed to Kyoto day trip (Nagoya to Kyoto via shinkansen)
6. Proceed to Osaka (Kyoto to Osaka via shinkansen)
7 Proceed to Nara day trip (Osaka to Nara)
8 Use ICOCA stored value for the rest of the 4 days in Osaka

My other option is to use stored value plus Kintetsu pass for travel between Osaka and Nagoya.

Thanks a lot



Sorry ... no. 7 should be

  1. Proceed to Kobe day trip (Osaka to Kobe).

Hello there,

I like your itinerary, visiting Takayama is just great and Kobe is very nice too. I checked your route but unfortunately you would not make savings with the JR Pass right now. It's close but buying normal tickets would be the better option in terms of budget. You could also save a bit of money by traveling on the Kintetsu instead of the Shinkansen, although the Shinkansen is faster.

Enjoy Japan!

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