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mt.fuji and hakone


Dear All ,we are a group of 6 adults ( all above 53- 60 Yrs,)and want to do Mt.Fuji and hakone in 1 day ,questions are as below.ON OUR OWN .We are living in the Shinjuku area.
We will be buying our JR PASS ( green car ) ,once visas are done by next monday.

  1. I think the JR line goes only upto ODAWARA ,can we get a train to ODAWARA from SHINJUKU ,on JR LINE.

  2. What to do after ODAWARA ,its very confusing ,as should we buy the Hakone pass ( WHAT IS THE COST ,OF HAKONE PASS ,AND WHERE DO WE BUY IT ),so as we can use it for Lake ashi Cruise .

  3. Also we can use it for Komagatake Ropeway .

4.But ,how do we do the 5 th Station on Mt Fuji ,AND Visitor Centre of mt.Fuji .

Is it very complicated ,or ,it can be done ,easily ,by us ,or should we just take a DAY TOUR ???

Kindly help .

Warm regards,
Kartik Patel,India .

kartik patel
kartik patel

Hello Kartik Patel,

1.) I would advise traveling from Shinjuku to either Shinagawa or Tokyo stations, from here you can take the Shinkansen to Osaka.

2.) From Odawara local transport runs into the area. I would advise reading this guide for travel around Japan. You can also buy a Hakone Free Pass here. It also covers the Lake Ashi cruise.

3.) In also covers the Hakone Ropeway.

4.) I would advise sticking to Hakone. The 5th station is only interesting if you plan on climbing mount Fuji. You'll mostly be busy for a whole day in Hakone. If you do have time, then I would advise a visit to Kawaguchiko.

Travel around Fuji does require a fair amount of research. Booking a tour can be a great way to travel around without much effort.

Hope this helps,

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Many thanks Daniel ,you were a great help ,we were having doubts ,which have been cleared by you ,your suggestion of taking a Tour does help.

Touring only hakone ,is best ,BUT ,BUT ,BUT ,Basically ,we wanted to atleast reach the foothills of the most famous landmark ,in Japan .Mt.Fuji .

I am troubling ,you a bit more ,I am planning /thinking in this lines too, Is this OK ?????

We take a JR line ( TOKAIDO )from Tokyo to Shin Fuji ,take photos ,and if some people want to Go up to 5 th Station ,they can ,we move on same line to Odawara , BUY our Hakone Pass ,and stay the whole day roaming about in Hakone .Return ,via Odawara to Shinjuku .

I would love a response from you ,kindly do give your response.

Warm Regards,

kartik patel
kartik patel

Hi Kartik,

Honestly, Fuji is best viewed from a distance. You won't see that much close by and nothing at all if it is clowdy. Even so, if you do wish to reach closer to Fuji, then I'd recommend a visit to Kawaguchiko.

Also, I would not recommend a visit to Shin-Fuji, this basically is a station in the middle of an industrial area and not really worth a visit. Atami and Mishima stations may be better stops.

All the best!

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Thanks Daniel ,for all your help.we will do exactly this ,I will also look up KAWAGUCHIKA.

kartik patel
kartik patel

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