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Ms Eng


Can I use my JR pass from Kansai Airport to my hotel Vista Grande Osaka, please advise me the route to use. I am travel with my parents and young kid. If need to travel with taxi from the train station please advise me roughly the price and the distance.

What is the earlier time to travel by Shinkasen from Osaka to Tokyo Disneyland and the latest train from Tokyo to Osaka.

I am planning to visit Tokyo on 16 June and we will go directly to Disneyland first and the next day evening we will travel back to Osaka on 17 June 2014. Please advise me how to go Disneyland from Osaka.

Thank you.


Hello there,

Your hotel seems to be close to Namba station. You can travel there with the JR Pass. First take the Airport Express bound for Osaka and get out at Tennoji, from here use to Yamatoji Line Local service to JR-Namba. You can walk from there to your hotel, or use a taxi for the last part (it should not cost more than the initial fare).

For Shinkansen travel, The first train will depart from Shin-Osaka station around 6 in the morning and the last train around 8 in the evening.

To get to Disneyland, first take the Shinkansen to Tokyo station. From there use a local line to Maihama station, this is the stop for Disneyland.

Hope this helps!

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