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Planning 12 days trip from 24/12 to 4/1. Looking at 4 days in Tokyo 2 in Osaka 2 Kyoto rest not sure & need help in taking best rail pass. 3 of us. Thanks


Must see for us as below
1. Sumo wrestling in Michelin star market
6. Ogasawara-shoto
All these Tokyo anything else can do nearby?
Traditional ryokan-1night
Today-Ji in Nara
Ok u-no-in
Hiroshima peace park
Kyoto temples & gardens


Hello Aussie!

I am in a completely different time zone and was sleeping when you posted :)

Now let's dig in! To start with, you've made To add a couple of my personal favorites, consider a visit to Nikko, other interesting day trips from Tokyo include Kamakura and Yokohama.

A note on the Ogasawara islands, these are one of the best secrets of Japan. However getting there is not simple at all, it takes a 25h boat ride and the price is somewhere around 30,000yen. More about the Islands can be found here.

I would advise a 7 day JRPass for the above itinerary, as it covers travel between Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima and Osaka. It can also be used for local travel in many places and would help you make good savings over normal tickets.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel
The tentative itinerary looks as below
24-27 dec Tokyo- 4 nights-
1 day Nikko
1 day Disneyland
1day shopping,sumo wrestling(any clues?) and Michelin star
1 day- any suggestions

28& 29- Takayama/Yokohama - Mt. Fuji / hakone- better connections & accessibility?

30,31- Osaka
1/1 - koyasan temple lodging- any suggestions
2/1-3/1- Kyoto
4/1- Nara - flilght at 9.00 pm from Narita

Looks like need 14 days pass for JR! Pleases advice as on 24/12 Narita to Tokyo can use nex .

Thanks again


Please confirm Daniel ASAP thanks to plan ahead


Hi again,

I see you dropped Hiroshima and made some other changes. I love the addition of Nikko!
A 14 day JR Pass would be great here and is what I would do as well.

All information about Sumo is HERE.

Enjoy Japan!

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Thanks Daniel!!

Ok the final as below
24/12- reach Tokyo - activate rail pass take nex? Staying in Chiodo- ku(nearby station?) - local sightseeing sumo etc
25/12- Nikko- & would like to try susihi bar yashuda - if lucky
26/12- mt. Fuji - please suggest the best route using JR.
27/12- Disneyland- jR?
28/12- Takayama- best connection with JR? Hotel booked for night already.
29/12- 01/01- 3 nights Osaka - 1 day local, 1 day Nara with JR.? 1 day Hiroshima with JR.?
01/01- Kayosan - temple stay booked - please advise best connection from Osaka to kayosan with JR.?
02/01- 04/01 - Kyoto - local & any suggestions ? Jr from kayosan to Osaka?
04/01- anything for daytime? Have to reach Narita for 9.00 pm flight out?

Thanks again for your help & advice Daniel- San

MM - my name also Mr. Miyagi ;)


Hello M. Miyagi!

Yes that looks good, let's have a look at the details.

Chiyoda - ku basically is the center of Tokyo and Tokyo station gives direct access to the area. Be sure to check the route to your hotel though, as it may still be a good walk if it is on the other side of the Imperial Palace when looking at Tokyo Station.

25/12, visit to Nikko - Great!

26/12. There are different area's around Fuji to visit. You could head to Fuji 5 Lakes of which the first is Kawaguchiko. To get there, take a train from Tokyo - Otsuki station, from here you can use the Fujikyu line to Kawaguchiko. Note that the last part between Otsuki - Kawaguchiko is not covered by the JR Pass an requires a 1,150yen fare.

  1. Disneyland can be accessed using the JR, travel to Maihama station from where the park is in walkable distance. There are direct trains going from Tokyo -Haihama station.

28/12 to get to Takayama, take the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagoya station, here transfer to the Hide wideview limited express. This route is very scenic and covered by the JR Pass.

29/12 all covered by the JR Pass as well. Direct trains are available.

01/01, Koya can't be accessed entirely with the JR Pass.A full access guide can be found HERE.

02/01, There's a lot to visit in Kyoto, I'd head up to the city center and visit Kawaramachi and Nishikimarket area. Kiyomizudera is also a very beautiful temple to visit and Arashiyama in the west of Kyoto is also worth a visit.

04/01 Why not head to Tokyo Tower to view the skyline of Tokyo and make some scenic pictures before returning to Narita Airport.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Again Daniel
Need clarification on 26/12 how to use JR. to visit mt. Fuji/hakone,
Mr. Miyagi


Hi again!

What is it exactly you wish to know?

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