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maximizing jr pass

Maximizing JR pass

We will arrive Tokyo April 1. But will stay in Tokyo area until the 6th. April 6 we go to Osaka until the 12th and depart back to Philippines.
1. is 7 days JR pass enough? We will only go long distance Tokyo- Osaka- Nara & Kyoto only.
2. If we us NEX on April 1 upon arrival to Tokyo downtown, and if we purchase 7 days JR pass only it means that it will expire on April 8 midnight already?
3 We should claim our JR pass in Narita ? ETA in Tokyo: 2010 April 1, 2014. Where is claim area?
4. Please make me suggestion how to enjoy JR pass for our whole stay April 1- 12.

Thank you


Hi there!

For your itinerary I would recommend buying normal tickets. A JR Pass is great if you travel around Japan using the Shinkansen and a return Tokyo - Kyoto for instance quickly pays off, however for a one way ticket it is better to buy the ticket when you travel.

However a JR Pass could still become worth it if you did some additional travel with it, for instance visiting Hiroshima is great and buy doing so a JR Pass would certainly pay off. In addition you can hop on the ferry from Hiroshima and make a visit to Miyajima which is one of the most iconic places of Japan.

You can exchange the JR Pass directly at Narita Airport at the JR travel center, you can't miss it. As for validity, the pass is valid for 7 consecutive days and the 1st day is counted as a full day, no matter what time you start using the pass.

Hope this helps!

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