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matsumoto to hiroshima

Matsumoto to Hiroshima


I'm trying to find out which trains to take when traveling with my family trough Japan. We have the following schedule, but I can't find out if I can use the Rail Pass for Matsumoto to Hiroshima, since the only option I could find is with the Nozomi, which is not included. (That would be Matsumoto - Nagoya - Hiroshima) Is it also possible to use the Hikari or Kodoma trains?

Also, any tips on how to travel would be very much appreciated, I've included what I found, but I'm not sure if those are the cheapest, easiest and/or best ways to travel. Since we stay in the same places for quite some time, will it still be cheaper to get the Rail Pass?
The dates cannot be changed, since we planned this so we could visit some festivals and friends of mine.

Thank you in advance for any tips.

Tanja (and family)

Travel Schedule

23 - 7 - 2013 Narita -> Tokyo using the Sobu Line (rapid)

28 - 7 - 2013 Tokyo -> Kyoto using the Hikari Shinkansen

31 - 7 - 2013 Kyoto -> Matsumoto using the Hikari Shinkansen to Nagoya, and the Ltd Exp Shinano to Matsumoto

4 - 8 - 2013 Matsumoto -> Hiroshima using Ltd Exp Shinano to Nagoya and then ????????? to Hiroshima.

8 - 8 - 2013 Hiroshima -> Himeji -> Nara using the Hikari to Himeji, Hiraki Shinkansen to Osaka, Osaka Subway Midosuji to Namba and lastly, the Kintetsu Nara Rapid Exp to Nara (we would like to visit Himeji shortly on this trip)

11 - 8 - 2013 Nara -> Tokyo -> Narita using the Kintetsu Ltd Exp to Kyoto, Hiraki Shinkansen to Tokyo and the Ltd Exp Narita Express to Narita Airport.


Hi there,

You can use the JR Pass to travel from Matsumoto to Hiroshima, no problem!
You made a good start with the Ltd Exp Shinano to Nagoya, from there you can take a Hikari (or slower Kodama) to Shin-Osaka, here you transfer to the Sakura Shinkansen heading to Hiroshima. Here is an example route. This route is fully covered by the JR Pass, so you won't have any extra costs.

To see if a JR Pass could benefit you, here is a little list of savings you could make with it.

Narita Airport - Tokyo ¥ 3,140 (Narita Express)
Tokyo - Kyoto ¥ 13,420
Kyoto - Matsumoto ¥ 9,980
Matsumoto - Hiroshima ¥ 16,710
Hiroshima - Himeji ¥ 12,710(
Himeji - Nara ¥ 4,600 (you can use the JR for this without having to pay extra)
Nara - Tokyo ¥ 13,950
Tokyo - Narita Airport ¥ 3,140

This adds up to ¥ 77,650 in travel costs, the 21 day JR Pass is ¥ 57,700 meaning you could save ¥ 19,950. You can also use the JR Pass in Tokyo on local JR lines. The JR Pass also comes with the added convenience that you won't have to line up to buy tickets at all.

I Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much for the fast reply.


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