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We would be arriving Tokyo on 17 October 2015 and would be visiting Osaka on 19 October 2015. For our return from Osaka to Tokyo on the same day i.e. 19 October 0215 (Monday), is it possible to reserve a NOBI NOBI seat in Ltd Exp Sunrise at Narita Airport on 17 October 2015 (on our arrival after activating the pass) . If so, What are the chances of getting a seat reserved (3 seats). If it is difficult, then what are the other options available for us to travel from Osaka to Tokyo on 19 October 2015?

Hello there,

It is possible but it is also possible that seats will be sold out by then. It is simply impossible to say.

The best alternative would simply be to use a Bullet train during the day. Alternatively you could use at a night bus.

Good luck with your travels!

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Many Thanks Mr. Daniel.

Can you please tell us if night buses are covered under JR Passes? How do we book these buses. Are online reservations available. We prefer to travel during night so that we can spend enough time at Osaka.

Night Buses are unfortunately not covered by the JR Pass.

There are different bus companies, one of the cheaper is called willer express. Though the Bullet trains are very fast and I do recommend taking one of them (even if it is late in the evening) if you have a JR Pass.

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Thanks Mr. Daniel.

Yes we do have JR passes which we will be activating on our arrival at Narita.
Please let us know the last bullet train we can take from Osaka to Tokyo (keeping note that we need to travel from Tokyo to Nishi-nippori station) where our accommodation is booked.

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