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lost jr pass

Lost JR pass

I have been in Japan for 2 days and am staying for 11 more. I have lost my JR pass and am wondering if there is any way to get a replacement? I still have a photo of my voucher on my iPad. If I can't buy a replacement here is it possible for my family in Australia to buy a new one for me and send it to my hotel?


Hi Dom,

I am very sorry to hear about your lost JR Pass. Unfortunately it is not possible to re-issue it, once lost or stolen.

I do recommend asking at the JR Lost and found station if they found it, there's a good chance that it will turn up.

Otherwise it is possible for your family in Australia to order a new one and send it to your hotel in Japan, do keep in mind the Delivery times to Japan.

All the best,

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We lost the passes last November near the Sinjuku station. Request with the help of one of the Station Operators who guided us to the lost and found area. FIND! Good luck! They are very correct and helpful.



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