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logistical question about taking train from narita

Logistical question about taking train from narita

We will be arriving at Narita in the early evening. Instead of going immediately to our final destination (yokosuka) we plan to stay overnight near airport and leave for yokosuka the next morning. So we will go back to narita in the morning from hotel. Is there any problem with going back to the narita train station then ? We won't have a problem getting into the train station from the outside of the airport? Not sure how it's laid out. Hope this makes sense :)


Hi there!

There's no problem at all! Infect I'd suggest going back Narita Airport to take the Narita Express from there to Tokyo/Yokohama. This is the most convenient way of travel by rail.

So no need to worry!

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Thank you Daniel! You have been so helpful! We leave for Japan next week!


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