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left jr pass at home -- get another?

Left JR pass at home -- get another?

Unfortunately I just landed in Tokyo and realize that I left my 7-day JR exchange voucher at home.

I don't need the pass until next Sun (November 24), so can get a new one delivered to Japan in time (I understand it will take 3-4 business days).

Several questions:
- since I never exchanged the voucher, can a new one be sent to me in Japan instead? - or if I need to buy a new JR pass, can I get the old one refunded? - I'll be changing hotels quite a bit over the next week. Should I still send the voucher to a hotel for pickup or is it better to send to a post office in Tokyo instead?

Thank you.


Hi there!

Sorry to hear about this, it's a bit of a pickle for sure!
The good news is that there's enough time to get the pass to you in time.
The not so good news is that JR only allows the pass to be ordered outside of Japan and it may not be easy to buy one now that you are there.

Here's a couple of options.
What you could do is have someone send the voucher from your home to Japan, I don't know if this would be possible for you but it would save some trouble.

If this does not work out please contact us at and we will help you find the best way to get a JR Pass to you in time!

PS: Unused JR Passes can be refunded up-to 1 year after purchase. Please contact us at the above e-mail for this as well and we will issue a refund (a refund fee does apply).

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Thank you for your response, Daniel-san. I have emailed the but have not heard back from them yet.

Unfortunately, there is no one who can send my voucher to me from the US. What is the best way to obtain a new JR pass now that I'm in the country?



Hi Again,

I am sure our support team will contact you soon (if they haven't already).

JR is very strict on not allowing people in Japan to buy the JR Pass. The quickest way to get a new JR Pass would be to have someone in the US to fill in the form and put in your accommodation as shipping address. You can get the other pass refunded once you arrive back in the US.

But please wait on our support team to contact you, there's more than enough time to get the pass to you this week. It would arrive this Wednesday if you ship it today (GMT).

I hope this helps!

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