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last day of jr pass

Last day of JR pass

I'm currently traveling in Japan and wish to know about the validity of the JR pass on last day.
However, the staff here seems to have problem on English communication so I have to ask here =(
On my 7th day of jr pass (7 day pass), I reserved a ticket of hamanasu overnight train from Sapporo to Aomori, which will reach Aomori about 6am in the morning, however I wish to travel to Tokyo using Hayabusa Shinkansen, and I know also the JR pass will cover the basic fare before first gate you exit, and here is the problem:

  1. To get on the Shinkansen in Shin-Aomori , I have to go through the Shinkansen special gate, is that counted as exiting the gate? Will the person let me in?
  2. If I pay for 指定席料金 (since hayabusa is all reserved seat) can I travel safe from Shin-Aomori to Tokyo ?
  3. What should I do if the person in Tokyo Station stop me while trying to exit the gate(if the above methods working) Please write me some japanese explanation if possible so I can show it when needed.

Please help it's in urgent! Thanks a lot!


Hi there!

This is understandably a difficult situation. I would recommend referring to the official website and usage conditions in order to explain the situation to the JR Staff. You can find the related passage in English HERE and here is it in Japanese see point 6.

I think the best way to go about is would be to buy tickets for the entire route before you leave Sapporo. The Tourist information at Sapporo speaks English and can book the tickets for you directly. This way you can show all the tickets when you pass trough the gates and you could also ask the tourist information to write a little note for you to show to the staff, unfortunately by Japanese is not good enough to do so myself.

I hope this helps and good luck with your travels!

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